Saturday, 29 October 2011


Arriving at Crate Studio and Project Space, Margate, on Friday 21, 11 am. The Crate building previously housed Clarke & Knapp Print Works company that still bears its name on the facade. The original typeface of Clarke & Knapp Print Works company is later borrowed for Desmond Church's "unsettling sentence".

The great difficulty to borrow a brass bell from the local pubs comes as a surprise when we find out that those pub bells come from the boats. The Lifeboat brass bell sounds in the Crate gallery through the walkie-talkie and in kind collaboration of the barman.

The very brass bell in The Lifeboat pub.

The mass produced painting was once a passer-by attraction.

One of the first visitors of the show has an unsettling sentence for us:

So... is the show open?

Yes, it’s a work-in-progress.

Hum, this thing is strong in concept...

We are following artist’s instructions. And looking for an ‘unsettling sentence’ to be written in the gallery. Any idea?

An unsettling sentence?


What about ‘I fist on the first date’? Is it unsettling enough for you?

Mass produced tree.

Exhibition as a work-in-progress.

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